Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camino Santiago Portuguese, 4: Redondela To Pontevedra

Another 10-12 mile hike, from Redondela to the university town of Pontevedra, quite a bit larger than the towns we had previously reached.
Looking back to Redondela from the cafe where we (finally)
had breakfast

Wilderness on the Camino

Not sure what this was...

What are these things? you ask

Goateed cat

Approaching the Medieval bridge at Sampaio/Arcade

Just wide enough for a small car and a pilgrim

Site of a major 1809 battle between the locals and the invading
French; the guidebook says locals still name their dogs after
the French generals

Interesting neo-classical architecture in Sampaio/Arcade

Rustic architecture; but it works

Now a longer stretch of Via Romana XIX

Chariot ruts right and left

It's the weekend, and the day-hikers are out in force; we look
upon them with disdain, as they pass us

Also the bicyclistes; the greatest danger on the Camino is that
of being run down by asshole cyclists, who, if you're lucky,
will give you .0005 nano-seconds to move off the path

Another chapel

At a pulpo-fest

Not in La Technique

Hotel Avenida, where we stayed in Pontevedra;
not pictured: Pizza Hut, across the street, where
we dined

Next morning, a very early morning departure and walk
through town

Very famous Church of the Virgen Peregrina

Inside; you can't tell from this,but the floor plan is in the shape
of a scallop shell

Better to light one candle...despite the damned darkness

Another view, later, after we had visited the
nearby cathedral

Interesting Pontevedra architecture

Early morning Pontevedra street scene

O Burgo bridge, crossing the river Lerez

Patron saint of
that's local boy Cesar Diosino, who wrote
"Golodrinas de Capistrano"; also "Deje mi
corazon en San Francisco"; if memory serves

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Tawana said...

Bicyclists on the Camino? Isn't that against the rules?