Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Astorga: Gaudi Palacio

We decided not to wait on the mass, the procession, etc., despite the inevitable mirth. It was hot. We proceeded on to the Gaudi Palacio, a building whose design he worked on for a time. It was to be an episcopal palace, although clearly this was at the end of the time when the princes of the church lived like princes. Gaudi purists will not find the building attractive, although there are hints and teasers throughout of what was to come. I found it more reminiscent of the crypt at Colonia Guell. But this was still a time of architecture in crisis, not knowing which way to go: the Palacio Gaudi in Astorga was neo-Medieval at a time where everything was neo-this or neo-that. Later, Gaudi showed the way out. Only it was a dead-end. A beautiful and historic dead-end.

Tying things together: when Hernan Cortes
returned to Spain in 1528, he brought with him
something called "cacao"; and he brought it to
Astorga, from which chocolate then spread
throughout Europe and the world

We knew of this from our cacao workshop in Arequipa, Peru,
back in March, and although we did not do the Chocolate
Museum in Astorga, we did buy a bit of the good stuff... 

Entrance to the palacio

Helpful plans

All in tile

"Take that, infidel tourist pig-dog"

Cathedra, as in ex cathedra

In the crypt; neo-Moorish?

Gaudi restaurant, across the street

Gaudi hardware store: he would have been so proud

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Tawana said...

Didn't know the Spanish had good chocolate.