Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Astorga: The Cathedral

From Las Medulas we drove on, in ever increasing heat, to Astorga and its aire de camping-cars, which happily provided a bit of desperately-needed shade. Initially, our interest in Astorga was to see the Gaudi palace there, an episcopal palace whose design he worked on from 1889, very early in his career; before he was Gaudi, you might say. But there was much more of interest as it all unfolded and tied so many things together.
Over the years we have camped in aires and campgrounds by
racetracks, olympic sites, futbol stadia, piscinae, alpine ski jumps,
and more; Astorga was our first bull ring, however

City walls, Gaudi's episcopal palace, and behind it the cathedral

Roman bits uncovered by the walls

Astorga is on the Frances Camino Santiago, so we felt right
at home, except that my blister is now nearly healed

Inside the very late Gothic 

As with most Spanish cathedrals, any view of the thing is
obscured/prohibited by the choir, an actual large building
smack in the middle, and the screen, which prevented us knaves
in the nave from seeing all the hocus-pocus the priests were
up to; but this is the 21st century, and CCTV screen lets us
see all


The choir building; plus men in black now shooing us tourists
out; it was Annuniciation, or Assumption, or the Inquisition or
something, and major festivities were about to begin

So we went outside to admire all the sandstone carving

And watch the Caminantes arriving

Fun was about to begin

Arrival of the town band

Really tying things together: as a former oboist
I was astounded to see the band had not one but
two marching oboists, who cheerfully posed;
I have seen marching bassoonists, but never
marching oboists; notice their reeds are removed
and carefully protected

Arrival of the colors

Arrival of military types; we think the very interesting head-gear
worn by the general on the right is actually the summer version
of a Darth Vader helmet

Arrival of the bishop/cardinal/whatever

The Holy Mobile that was to be paraded about
town after the Mass

Exterior view of cathedral

Caminante atop the tower

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