Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Astorga: Camino Museum

Tying still more things together: within the Gaudi Palacio was a museum of the Camino Santiago as well as a museum of the many Roman bits in the area. We were enthralled.
Camino triptych bit

"According to the guidebook, the Pilgrim Special at the
Trinity Club is only 7 dineros"

"Yeah, but they only serve lamb"

Roman bit

Pre-Roman bits

Unhelpful model

Somebody molested it

Roman roads

Tell me this is not Celtic and we are not talking about a North
Atlantic culture

Very old capital

Arab coins: "the South shall rise again"

One of the most interesting capitals dog wow!

Medieval sarcophogus


"I'm sorry, you only had one stamp for day 37, so you'll have
to start over again"

All roads in Spain converge on Santiago

Working on hand-enlargement therapy course
from Trump University

St. James Matamoros, killing Moors thousands at a time


Really tied everything together...

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Tawana said...

So, do you really have to have two stamps for each day? What about slow walkers?