Saturday, May 31, 2014

Les restos de la Rue de Lappe

I walked over to the Bastille market Thursday morning to pick up some ingredients for our veal Amalfi dish and took a short-cut on the way back, through Rue de Lappe, which runs between Rue de la Roquette and Rue de Charonne, in the 11th. It is just a little side-street, not a lot wider than an alley, a couple blocks long. After a few hundred feet of walking, I was struck by the colorful restaurants along the way, and then by their number and variety. Thursday morning it was quiet and nearly deserted. By night it is one of the Bastille area's more lively locations.

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Tawana said...

I am amazed at how clean the restaurants are. Last fall we walked early one morning and there was so much trash outside the little restaurants. We decided that the night crew just closed up and left all the mess for the morning crew to pick up.