Saturday, May 10, 2014

At Sea

So every day I checked with the bridge to make sure everything
was OK; steady as you go, etc.

And to learn many, many interesting facts about the Epic;
personally I think the beer bottle statistic is misleading since
most of the beer I saw consumed was Foster's, which comes
in cans and is the choice of cruisers everywhere (bigger cans)

Bow hot-tub apparently reserved for Leonardo di Crapio and
Kate Winslet

Most of the 9 or 10 days crossing looked like this

But some days it looked like this

I spent not nearly enough time here, the 7th floor jogging
track on the starboard side

The port side was reserved for shuffle-board; but no one
plays shuffle-board anymore, so I made it my own personal
walking/jogging strip

Salt spray on one of the 7th floor life-boats; the weather was
marvelous for the whole crossing, but for one front we passed
through in a day; the Epic rolls a bit in even the calmest seas,
however; 14 of its 18 decks are above water line, and the higher
you are the more you feel the roll

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