Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Munich Sights

We left the Obersalzburg, finally, and drove on to Munich, staying at Camping Thalkirchen (where we had stayed in 1979) for three nights while we re-explored this beautiful city, using the very convenient bus/subway/tram system for transportation.

Yes, we are in the land of super-sized

One of the twin domes of the Marienkirche;
the other was under scaffolding

Interior of the church; rather dull, I thought

The Augustiner, one of the older brewhouses

Street scene; the Starbucks dates from 1328...

Another...all this undoubtedly re-built;
Munich was fairly flattened by bombing in

The very famous Rathaus

With its even more famous clock

The joust, at the critical moment

Followed by the dancing of the apprentices
or someone else

My attempt at going native ended successfully

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