Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Of course we had to revisit the Hofbrauhaus, site of memorable experiences in 1979 (including, not least, an acquaintance, a nurse, who downed 3 mugs in our presence before heading off to work)

A way-old place, re-built twice since the war, but to
generally the same specifications

Most people head to the bier garten

Or the ground floor halls

But we headed to the upstairs Festsaal, with
its entertainment and buffet meal of
Bavarian goodies

Including bier; 1 liter is the only size available (at least
that's what I told Vicki)

There was the old German band

And dancing, including slap-dancing and whip-dancing

And, most memorably, this card, stuck to the ceiling
above the stage at the head of the hall, 30 feet up there;
none of the staff conceded any knowledge of it

There it is (click to enlarge); I believe it marks the spot
where Hitler's bullet hit (in the re-construction) in his
attempt to quell the Beer Hall Putsch crowd in 1923
(everyone kept putsching and tschoving...); must check this
out someday

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