Friday, July 10, 2009

Vagsoy, Maloy

The Kannenstein, on the ocean side of Vagsoy

Up close

Part of the S-bridge that connects Vagsoy to the mainland

A Christian/Viking era stone cross on the Nordfjord

Quaint little Norwegian fishing village...well, that's what we were expecting. Instead, Maloy is a sizable little town, a commercial fishing center (canneries, etc), major harbor, gateway to the Nordfjord, and a fun S-bridge to the mainland. We walked around the downtown a bit and then headed out to the ocean side of the island to see the Kannenstein, an interesting rock structure on the coast. See illustration. It is about 12 feet high, just a bit out in the water (crashing waves). I resisted Vicki's dare to wade out and climb up on it for a picture. I have had enough thrills recently. It was nice to see the Atlantic again, however. We drove back nearly the length of the Nordfjord (100 km) and camped, early, at yet another road-side rest, this one near Olden, still on the Nordfjord.

The Grey Wanderer, and our license plates, continue to make friends. Everyone wants to know why it says Dodge and not Mercedes. Sprinters are common enough here, and have been for many years, if not by that name. And everyone is curious about the US/Montana license plates. Did we ship it? Near Olden we met two Danish couples, one of whom had relations all over the states, CA, OH, ME, and had visited, she said, nine times. One of her daughters leads tours from Denmark to the US. And then there were two Swedish couples, also campers, and a French camper the next day.

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