Friday, July 10, 2009

To Nordfjord

Another ferry ride, this across the Sognefjord

Even out in the hustings, there are practice ski jumps

The Jostedalbreen, or a portion of it


It was a two ferry day, this one over the Nordfjord

Look kids, a waterfall!

Nearly all the buildings have grass growing on the roof; this one even had trees

Norway is very RV-friendly

The Good Ship Boudicca sails by our campsite on the Nordfjord

From Oppedal, we took our next ferry across the Sognefjord and drove on, on the E39, for quite a distance, stopping now and then for pix of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, etc., for some Zone Commerciale shopping in Forde, on to the next ferry, from Anda to Lote, and then west along the E15 and the north side of the Nordfjord. Along the route we caught a glimpse of the Jostedalsbreen, Norway's (and Europe's) largest glacier. Maybe we are becoming inured, but the scenery in this fiord seems a good bit less spectacular that the last few days', despite its 3 star status. Our next destination, just a few miles away, is the coastal island of Vagsoy, and its fishing village of Maloy. We are camped at a rest stop on the fiord. A big cruise ship just passed by....

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