Monday, July 6, 2009

From Lillehammer to Spiterstulen

The alpine scenery increases from Lom

And the waterfalls

And the mountains and glaciers

Spiterstulen lodge

Wednesday we drove from Lillehammer north to Ott, then west to Lom, the gateway to Oppland and the Jotunheimen national park. The high point of the day was outside Ott, where we happened upon an LPG/propane gas place. Being self-contained and all is neat, but every so often you need to worry about such fundamentals as water, propane, diesel, emptying the grey and black tanks, etc. We had been using propane very deliberately since Germany, knowing that it is hard to come by in some parts of Scandinavia. We needn't have worried. The fill-up took 26 liters, which means we burned only 21 in the past 5 weeks. The full tank, which we use for cooking, heating, refrigerator sometimes, and very occasional generator (to run the microwave), will last us to the UK, certainly, in August.

From Lom, we took the toll road up to Spiterstulen, which is the main hopping off point for hikes and climbs in the national park. Galdhopigen, at 2470 meters, is Norway's (and indeed Scandinavia's) highest mountain, and I have determined to try it.

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