Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tide-pooling At Half Moon Bay

We had a nice month in Menlo Park, including several trips and an extended absence, taking grand-daughter Penelope camping up into the Sierras. There were outdoors experiences, museum experiences, dining experiences, and cinema experiences. And other experiences, too. Our first weekend there, after jet lag, we all went to the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve at Half Moon Bay for a morning of tide-pooling. Rebecca had engaged a guide, so it was an even more informative experience.
Us, there

The tide-pooling area, sandwiched in between crumbling cliffs and a seal

An excited Penelope leads the way

What you come to see...marine life in the low-tide pools, mostly anemone and
starfish and mussels and such

Anemones all over

At age seven, P is fairly fearless and uninhibted


Breakers off-shore

Looking back toward Moss Beach, a place we have visited many times with P;
Rebecca and Jeremy were married very near here

Star fish

P has found a particularly good anemone

A bit of the land-slide area

Neat place...good preparation for New Zealand, where
Rebecca and Jeremy and Penelope will be spending some
time in early 2019

Seal city

Looking back to the tide-pooling area

A flight of pelicans swoops by

Woods near Moss Beach; Rebecca and Jeremy's wedding pix were from here

Neat place, neat day

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