Saturday, September 1, 2018

Magritte At The SFMOMA

Another day we drove up to The City to seen the extensive Magritte exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A great day, great museum, great exhibition, great 20th century Belgian painter...
Hegel's Vacation, 1958

The Cripple, 1948

The Human Condition, 1933

The Cut Glass Bath, 1946; Homage a Dali might also work

"It continues not to be a pipe": the original in the "this is not a pipe" series,
perhaps Magritte's most famous, was sadly missing from the exhibition

The Son of Man, 1964

The End of the World, 1963

High Society, 1966

The Enchanted Domain, 1953; one of a big series

Big exhibition, several rooms, scores of works

A Sense of Reality, 1963

The Kiss, 1951

And, of course, some digitally-enhanced Magritte fooling
around at the end of the exhibition; Penelope and Rebecca

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