Saturday, August 18, 2018

Return To Middle California, 2018

We drove back to Rome July 17th and spent the next few days sorting, packing, cleaning, repairing, etc. Such is life when every now and then you change your modus vivendi, modus transportandi, modus whatever, as we do. Le Duc will stay at the Emerald Meadow for some months now, except for a bout of repair with Mr. Edigio, per Alessandro. On July 21st, Norwegian Air shuttled us from Fiumicino back to the States, where daughter Rebecca and grand-daughter Penelope greeted us at OAK. The next day we brought Le Sport back out of hibernation and began setting ourselves up for eight months (!) in the States. Storage is sometimes tough on RVs, and Le Sport's de-hibernation was not without incident, but all ended well. We are back in Middle California, and several posts now will ensue, from Half Moon Bay to The City to Oakland and to old friend Pinecrest, way up in the Sierra Nevada.
Le Duc at his bay at the Emerald Meadow
At Half Moon Bay, me, Jeremy, Penelope, Rebecca, and Vicki

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