Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Predjama Castle

Not too far away from Skocjan is the other big cave, Postojna, and near it is yet another sight, Predjama, the castle in the cave. Well, sort of in front of the cave. And it looks more like a monastery than a castle. Be that as it may, it was built by a noted robber baron centuries ago and served as his headquarters until the authorities caught up with him. We arrived in another rainstorm, waited for our chance, saw the castle, and then spent the night in the car-park, in the company of some fellow savage-campeurs from Belgium.

Nice chainsaw sculpture at the nearby trinket shoppes

Interpretive signage about the little church and the tree planted by the robber
baron's lady friend; his name, interestingly, was Erasmus


Most interesting, however, was the nearby trail signage...

We're still wondering whether the Camino de Santiago really passes this way, and
why one would make the pilgrimage to Santiago when Rome and even Jerusalem
are much nearer; and whether you can really get stoned on the Camino, like in Spain...

As another storm approached

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The Camino? Hmmm.