Tuesday, July 17, 2018

More Stallions, Mares, Colts, And Buggies At The Lipica Stud Farm; Oh My!

More of a beautiful day with the horses and horse-persons...
The grounds are beautifully landscaped, trees labeled, etc.

Stud farm chapel; used mostly for weddings these days;
they said

Highly unusual Mom's night out pic, Baby J with "Dad"

Inner sanctum of Lipica, oldest barn, museum, gift shoppe

Late 18th painting of the place

Now in the hall of champions barn; one can only imagine what they might have
been champions of...

Watching buggy practice en route to the "show" at the hippodrome

The Three Horses: Harriet, Hermione, and Heather

So,disappointingly, no fotos are allowed in the show; probably with good reason,
since the flashing of morons' cameras would conceivably scare the horses

Whatever; the show was more about what they do at Lipica,
apart from the stud thing, that is, training the horses,
dressage and such; so we only got these few shots, plus
whatever I will post on YouTube; some day

So after the show and a modest lunch we drifted over to the buggy competition

The broadcast booth; and in English too

Unbeknownst to us, the buggy competition also includes water sports; not to
mention cruelty to animals

Stud farm size supply of hay

Vets' ambulances for the horses were rather less conspicuous

We tired of this within a few eternally-long minutes, downed some strudel, then
ambled back to the gift shoppe

Interesting display

In the museum: 21st century branding

"Yippie-oh-ky..." I mean, "Ach! Mein Strudels!"

And a fond farewell, from those out to pasture...