Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mostar, 1

After two days of rain and high wind, we finally ventured into Mostar June 28th, parking at the insurance agency where Tarik's daughter works and taking a cab the rest of the way. As usual, our interest was pretty strictly the old town, and, in particular in renewing our acquaintance with Turkish culture. It's unlikely we'll ever be able to return there.
First stop was the rebuilt St. Francis cathedral

Still under construction; but its bell tower surely will be taller than any of the
minarets in town, which is what the Christians want...

Anti-evil eyes everywhere, like we are in a Turkish bazaar;
called a "nazar" they ward off bad luck

Large parts of Mostar have not been rebuilt and probably won't be for some

Typical local embroidery shoppe

More 1992-1994 was damage; almost always in evidence

The little bridge; when the Turks decided to build the bridge for which Mostar
is famous, in the 16th century, they first constructed this little bridge as a trial;
it survived the war but then was washed away in a flood; and rebuilt just as it

Limestone slab roofing

The (rebuilt) Mostar bridge; it took some years, getting stone from the same
quarry as the original, using 16th century techniques; but it's back, a symbol
of resurgence in Bosnia-Hertzegovina

Among my goals for Mostar was to have a cup of Bosnian coffee, which is
pretty much like Turkish coffee; the first cafe we went into, from which the
above shots were taken, only had European coffee (!); so, already buzzed up,
we moved on to the real thing

Cafe Alma; they only have 3 tables; but kaffe is what they do

Refreshing thought

My coffee, includes water and a Turkish delight

The instruction by the Dan Akroyd look-alike was
informative and free

While we were there, they were roasting beans in this propane-fueled roaster,
made in Izmir

Large misting fan; not needed this cool day

Street scene

Just before you get to the bridge is the office of the divers' club, a confraternity
of those who dive for money; big tradition; we've seen it done in Oporto too

Copper-beater; is he wearing a copper-beater shirt?

The bridge, with someone about to take the plunge (not to be continued since
I got distracted and missed the dive)

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Tawana said...

We have lots of those evil eyes from Turkey. Mostar is an interesting place. It was hard to believe the inhumanity of that war, though.