Monday, February 26, 2018

Wet Interlude; And Update

We decided to pass the next tropical cyclone, Gita, in Blenheim, in the Top 10 campground, well above the river, etc. It rained and rained and rained for 36 hours, affording me the opportunity to compile some South Island out-takes. After the deluge, we moved to the Wynent St. car-park and its freedom camping area, and spend a day enjoying beautiful Blenheim. After that, we moved on to Picton, spending another day at a freedom camp just short of the port.

Update, a few weeks later. As we later learned, areas we had just visited were hardest hit by cyclone Gita. Parts of Nelson were flooded, Motueke was flooded and its water system compromised, and there were numerous slips on Takaka Hill, isolating the communities of Takaka and Collingwood, and the whole Cape Farewell environs. The road over Takaka Hill has just (March 2nd) been re-opened, 2 hours a day, after emergency repairs. Communication with the isolated communities is mostly by water taxi. There's a familiar billboard that reminds visitors that "New Zealand Roads Are Different." Indeed they are.

PS. The day after the deluge we amused ourselves with two (2) movies at the local cinema: The Post, and Darkest Hour, both of which we enjoyed immensely.

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Rebecca said...

Jeremy & I went to see Darkest Hour a few weeks ago--really enjoyed it. Gary Oldman was tremendous.