Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Grove, 2018

We visited the Grove in 2014 and had to return. It is merely a couple acres of bush and limestone, but it is fascinating to look at the extent that plants will go to survive at the differential erosion, and at the ongoing struggle between rocks and trees. Trees always win, over the long haul. Anyhow, the place reminded us of Cambodia, Angor Wat, specifically, and some of the temples there half-buried in jungle. No temples here, but still interesting, even the second visit.

Cleft, leading to viewing platform

Thus, tucked into a small ridge between the mountains

And the Bay

Us, there


Tawana said...

You guys are just having way too much fun...well, except for the bed bugs and biting flies.

Rebecca said...

This place looks amazing! Definitely adding to our potential NZ list!