Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Road Of The Seven Lakes, 1

In order to see the Argentine lake country, we signed up for a day excursion on the Road of the Seven Lakes, the Ruta de Los Siete Lagos. The excursion was in a Sprinter van, conducted in both English and Spanish, with stops for photo opps and exploration. Technically, the route goes from Angostura to San Martin de los Andes, but since we started in Bariloche, we also got to see rather more of Lago Nahuel Huapi. Huapi is a giant lake, but I think we have now sailed or driven past most all of it. In any case, the seven lakes are: Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy... wait, no, Machonico, Escondido, Correntoso, Espejo, Lacar, Falkner, and Villarino. We had our longest stop in San Martin de los Andes, enjoying another great parilla lunch, but the town we found most intriguing was Angostura, where we had a brief stop. Jan. 26.
Click to enlarge: leaving Bariloche, a Romulus and Remus and
the She-wolf sculpture in a park by the lake; much Italian
culture and heritage in Argentina

Nahuel Huapi

Looking back to San Carlos de Bariloche

Catedral, under which we hiked the previous day

El Tronedor, again

In Angostura, log architecture and log art everywhere; typical
of the lake country, and Patagonia, if more pronounced in this
pretty little town

Now starting the Seven Lakes proper

In 2012-2013, one of the Chilean volcanoes erupted and
inundated this area with more than a meter of ash; it took
months too clear it all out, first in the towns, then on the
road; this is some of the residue

Big trees all around

We figured this must be called Castle Mountain

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