Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 2 On The W: Los Torres!

Day 2 dawned bright and blue. After a quick breakfast, we stored our packs and headed on up the trail to see the Torres del Paine, the main attraction of our trek. Up, up, and more up, probably 1,200 feet or more from the Refugio. On the moraine, the trail was not as difficult as some had described...a boulder field, yes, but a good trail skirting it and then crossing it at the very top. A "no hands" route, but everybody in this part of the world uses trekking poles.
Bright and blue; from the Refugio

Waterfall en route

In this land of glaciers, snow and ice, there are numerous
creeks, waterfalls, lakes...and bridges

Rarely any relief from the monotony of the climax southern
beech forest

In a world of granite and basalt, huge boulders of conglomerate,
often sheered off smooth by the passing glacier

Low-bid bridge

Often, these helpful signs, telling you you still have a thousand
feet to ascend

Beginning of the moraine

Looking up, a single tower peeks out

Across the canyon, a waterfall suddenly appears

Oh no, they're clouding up

Near the top of the moraine

And there they are

As we descend, scores more are ascending, many on a long
day hike off of buses from Puerto Natales

Rock art

Returning to Refugio Chileno, some of the tent platforms there

Hiking back down to the valley and our next night's camping
there I was about to record the greatest condor-in-a-rainbow
sight ever seen...but then my hat flew off in the gale force wind;
and the condor got away (my hat was retrieved by a young

Our site at Camping Torres

Clouds and rain are moving in for the night

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