Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nanuya Update

Tuesday we got here in the afternoon, checked in, moved in, reconnoitered, and then just relaxed until dinner, which was an hour after sunset. Wednesday we had really good intentions, but before we could get our face-masks, snorkels, and fins, the tide went out, and, of course, we didn't want to go snorkeling at low tide. So, somewhere between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we went for a walk on the beach. That was about it for Wednesday. Oh, I did read Ian McEwen's Sweet Tooth. Today was more productive: we visited the village across the channel, went snorkeling for more than an hour (first time ever!), and then took another walk on the beach. And I started reading Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries. Tomorrow we visit the Blue Lagoon.
Wednesday's walk

What much of Wednesday looked like

Sunset skies


The resort, though tiny by any standard, does really nice
stuff: here, dinner on the beach for a young Oz couple
celebrating a birthday

A hundred feet away, the elders were doing,
Vicki's steak (I had lobster)

That's how clear and calm the water is

This is approximately what we looked like snorkeling today
(actually it's another couple from Oz); we were out for about
an hour, all the more experienced guests offering advice and
encouragement--we had never done this before; the coral
and fish and what-not were beautiful and captivating; Vicki
loved it and really excelled (much to her surprise; and mine);
I still prefer the Monterey Aquarium but have committed to
at least two more sessions here

Of course the big daily event is the arrival of the boat from guests

From today's beach walk, a bit of the beach where some
scenes from Blue Lagoon were filmed; tomorrow we do
the main locations

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I'm quite jealous! This looks simply marvelous.