Sunday, April 20, 2014

Menlo Scenes

Most of our two weeks in Menlo Park was spent with our grand-daughter Penelope while her mama and daddy took a couple trips. Time with Penelope is even better than traveling.
One day we took her to Mama's school for an exhibition of
edible literary art; here, Mama's entry, A Farewell to Arms

Much of the time was an on-going fashion show: here,
putting on a faerie dress Grandma bought her in Napier,
New Zealand

"The cold never bothered me anyway"; on
stage with the new faerie dress; not pictured:
the new red-and-black polka-dot Flamenco
dress  from Seville

Good new for Tyson's: Penelope likes dark meat; here posing
with a finished standard child's portion
Here, the piece de resistance, the wand, shoes and Snow
White dress...

Thus; very happy little girl

Smelling the roses

By a corner house on Bryant, near Embarcadero, in Palo
Alto; this is by no means our first spring here, and we have
never seen the roses more lush and plentiful


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