Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holy/Birthday Week

So our last week in Middle California was pretty good for Penelope...the usual grand-parental indiscretions and indulgences, Easter egg hunts, and then, the beginning of her multi-day 3rd birthday celebrations...pretty excited little girl!
With Grandpa at the park


Easter morning, P munches on the symbolic chocolate

Later in the day, at neighbor Maggie's annual Easter egg
hunt; P has already been to a couple hunts in the neighborhood
and at school, and she looks with concern at the older kids
and adults at Maggie's hunt

But Maggie's hunt is age-specific (CA wines for the adults!),
and P is the only little person there...

Quite a haul!

Next day, after dinner at The Counter,
opening presents at the pre-birthday
celebration with Grandma and Grandpa
and Mama and Daddy

Already changed into her Fiji dress, playing with new
culinary presents (soup tureen, spoon and spatula; crepes set)

Not so sure about the pirate side of the reversible pirate/
princess dress 

Pretty sure about the princess side...

And then, the 3rd birthday piece de resistance,
a doll house!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet P!

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Tawana said...

How very adorable. Don't we love to spoil our grandkids? Happy Birthday, Precious Penelope!