Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sarajevo, 3

And still more of Sarajevo...
Street scene

Eternal flame honoring Tito's partisans in WWII


The B-H central bank

Sarajevo restaurateurs worked for 4 years to keep the McDonald's from opening,
fearing it would hurt their recovering businesses; turns out it's not that popular

Children's memorial: more than 1,500 children died in the siege

B-H president's residence

And another old mosque

Today's wedding

Where the newer, post-war architecture begins

Sarajevo is in a long mountain valley; Serbian forces occupied the heights
encircling the city and pounded it relentlessly; in a clearing on this hill, Serbian
snipers killed patients in their beds in the local hospital

A large modern upscale shopping center

The city is a panoply of different sights, emotions

Government center

The former Holiday Inn, built originally for the Olympics, where war
correspondents hung out during the siege

National historical museum

Just for the record, we spent 3 nights at Oaza Camping in the suburb of Ilidza, a
long, rickety tram ride to the centro storico; despite the 5 stars, the campground
was a sodden mess mostly; the rain had been going on for days

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Tawana said...

Your photos and commentary are so interesting. We did not go there, so that info is all new to me. Thanks!