Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sarajevo, 2

More of Sarajevo, this great historic city, rising again from the rubble...
Perhaps foremost among the shots hear 'round the world

The Latin Bridge, where the Archduke was headed...the Great War broke out
just weeks later

Hapsburg flair begins to appear

But wait, we're still in a Turkish bazaar!

A diving line that celebrates the city's diversity

Looking toward Vienna

And Istanbul

Another old mosque

Right next to...

And its beautiful Viennese cafe, Beck's and Cafana

Just a whiff of Art Nuvo

The Roman Catholic cathedsral

Many of Sarajevo's Roses are now gone, paved over; with a red resin, they mark
places where shells hit and people died


Another near the cathedral

Damage on the cathedral

Sic transit, Gloria; Hamami, now a souvenir shoppe

Back side of cathedral

Orthodox church; there were four orthodox churches in Sarajevo in the war
years, and never in the 3 years of artillery bombardment and sniper assassination
by Serbs were any of these four vandalized; there were several thousand Serbs
in Sarajevo who suffered along with the Muslims and Roman Christians and
Jews; and others

Something new and different: park benches that fold up for advertising

Chess in a park

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Tawana said...

The red resin is poignant.