Sunday, July 29, 2018


Just a few miles away from Lake Bled is the beau village of Radovljica, whose main street features a variety of old, interesting buildings, including (next post) the old palace and its very famous apiary museum. As beaux villages go, I would rate this one fairly highly, certainly better than most of the beaux villages I have seen in, e.g., France).
Sculpure at the begining of main street; a patisserie or candy store perhaps nearby

Many if not most of the old buildings--dating from late Renaissance--sported
paintings like this, above their entrances

Or maybe the whole building was thus adorned

Dining room in the House of Lectar, a restaurant/museum

From the museum of gingerbread cookies

The old palace, mansion, whatever; sooooo Austrian

With its own funny faces

Radovljica sits on a promontory overlooking two valleys, with the Julian Alps
in the background; the big mountain, which stayed behind the clouds that day,
is on the left, Triglav

We'd get some great views of Triglav the next day

More house paintings

As we approached the end of main street, the happy and loud
screams of many children became audible, including, very
surprisingly, war hoops

It was part of a summer camp, maybe a hundred kids, dressed appropriately--
feathers, war paint, etc.--running around; this was their tipi

I generally avoid pix of kids, but one of the camp counselors consented to be
pictured: she was as amused to see Americans here, especially from Montana, as
we were to see Indians...

Inside the church

The painting on the ceiling and walls was impressive

Elsewhere in the town, a long panel of posters depicting the
history of Radovlica, from late Medieval...

To the 19th century; have to love self-regarding institutions

To be added: a couple pix concerning Anton Linhart, the Enlightenment thinker who first produced the first Slovenian literature and who wrote the first history of the Slovenian people; a Radovljica native

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