Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Plitvice Lakes (And Waterfalls), 2

More of the PlitviceLakes, and, especially the waterfalls...
Things change...a dried-up river bed

The line to catch the boat across the big lake; we were seldom alone, but the
place can get very crowded in high season

Still wondering whether it's an antenna, a cross, or a mast...

Fish everywhere in the clear water, especially congregating near the bottoms
of the falls for the super-oxygenation

So "Jezero" is the word for waterfall, we think, 524 meters above sea level,
3 hectares in...wait, maybe "Jezero" is the word for lake, 524 meters above sea
level, 3 hectares in area, and 18 meters deep

The waters' colors are ever changing

Famous cave; seen in many regionally-produced Westerns

And more waterfalls

"Big Waterfall" the signs said


Some of the karst

Walking out of the park...a sink-hole, one of hundreds we've seen the past two
days, in forests, in meadows and pastures...

For the past two weeks I've meant to get a picture of the chain-link fencing that
looms above all the highways and secondary roads throughout Croatia,
Montenegro, and much of Bosnia-Hertzegovina; the fencing is meant to protect
the roads and travelers from rock-fall; there must be a gazillion square feet of
such fencing here, all held down by concrete blocks (limestone dissolves in water...)

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Tawana said...

Those waterfalls just can't be described. Fabulous!