Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Plitvice Lakes (And Waterfalls), 1

The Plitvice Lakes [and waterfalls] National Park is another of the region's many World Heritage Sites. Someday I hope to count up all the Unesco sites we have visited in these ten years...must be a couple hundred. Anyhow, the Plitvice Lakes, in Croatia, are sixteen lakes in the mountainous karst country, arranged in a sort of miles-long cascade, the falls often stunning, the colors of the waters, because of the limestone and the travertine--which forms dams and makes the waterfalls--breathtaking. The Croatian national park system has constructed a trail whereby you can walk some 9 km of the lakes and waterfalls (including a boat ride along the longest lake). We've seen some of the world's great waterfalls. Nothing could surpass Iguazu Falls in Argentina. But Plitvice is a solid second, affording a continuously impressive day hike, with comforts and amenities never too far apart.
We spent the preceding night still in Bosnia-Hertzegovina, at a campground by the
Hotel Ada, itself on a beautiful river setting

Sadly, there was much fighting in this area, the original hotel destroyed, the
new one making a struggle to come back; a beautiful setting

Now in Croatia, approaching Plitvice, a first glimpse of one of the falls

Helpful map, showing the lakes, the falls, the trail...

Alas, over much of the wetlands areas, the trail consisted of these rough planks;
not as bad as it looks, but not good for people with balance and knee issues

A calcifying tree...contributing to the travertine build-up

We found the trails well marked and easy to follow; you can
do the main trail either up or to bottom is best,
saving the most dramatic sets of falls until last

In the upland areas, more conventional trails

Everything labeled...

More falls, another lake

Slippery when wet

A pretty incredible at a midway point

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Tawana said...

Everybody who has been to Plitvice raves about it. So glad you enjoyed it.