Monday, July 2, 2018

On Further To Mostar And Rain

June 26th we decamped in rain and then drove on in the first of what would be a three-day light rain. The fourth day the rain let up and permitted us to see Mostar (next post). Then we drove on to Sarajevo and several more days of rain. But there is always plenty of interest in this to us new and different land.
Passing by an old Muslim cemetery near Stolac

Fortifications above Stolac

Some miles down the road toward Mostar, and on both sides of the road, an
ancient necroplis

Byzantine, 13th-15th centuries, the guidebook said; the practice discontinued
after the population mostly converted to Islam in the 16th

So this, in case you're wondering, is what the signage looks like for a culturally
interesting necropolis; in BeH

We found our campground, along the river; nice folks, a woman and her son

Nice quiet place except for the church bells that range starting at 6AM; there
was a small mosque nearby but it was strangely silent (the one in Sarajevo
made up for that)

Between showers, I went for several walks...staying on the

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Tawana said...

When we crossed over into Bosnia, we were in the rental car with the driver who picked us up at the hospital and drove us to meet the tour group. I was in the back seat with my broken leg propped up. At the border, I wanted to take a photo of the sign that we were entering Bosnia. The guard came up to the car and angrily told me "No photos!" Our driver was very nervous that I was going to get everybody arrested!