Thursday, July 12, 2018


We moved on, seeking a hill-top fortress as an antidote to an uninteresting 19th century seaside resort. On Motovun's slopes is a camper-stop, operated by the local hotel...10 or so sites, the usual facilities and amenities, even a small swimming pool. Not cheap, but comfortable and convenient. With rain predicted the next day, we decided to do the hill town that afternoon, taking the not-free shuttle up the hill.
Motovun, a higher hill town than most

Main street; only street

Wine, brandy, honey, olive oil, the usual

Not the usual: this is truffle country

Sadly, we're not truffles fans; sadly because they're much
cheaper here than en France

Main entrance to town

A view from above, broad valley, irrigation canal, truffle forests

Second gate

Main square, 6;30 PM; completely deserted

Church interior; pretty standard, except

For this wonder; and her partner on the other side of the
door; bikini-clad caryatids?

The Hotel Kastel, which seems to be the main business in Motovun; also owns
the campground below

For a mere 4E each, you can walk the walls; takes about 5 minutes but does
provide some good views

Including this Croatian futbol fan; I have been following the Croats, my
adopted team for 2018, watching their games against Argentina, Denmark,
and Russia, and otherwise following them on-line, including last night's
victory over England; they play France Sunday for the World Cup; I hope
to be watching...

The usual feral dogs; Vicki says they're truffle hounds

Little-known fact: Mario Andretti was born in Motovun (which was then part
of Italy)

Kiddie park sponsored by Porsche

There's truffles in them thar hills

The 4E ticket gets you into the city gallery, too, where I got this nice shot of a

City coat of arms, in the first gate


Truffles shoppe

Motovun needs more visitors; we've done our par

Our encampment 

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