Friday, July 20, 2018

Ljubljana, 2

Another general installment on this beautiful small city...
Every few minutes a river tour boat plies the waters, with maybe half a dozen
visitors aboard

River view with castle in background

Same with foreground fountain

Mahler again; he was conductor/director of the local opera
for six months, 1881-82; and went on to much greater

We always try to support local traditional music
Inside one of the better DIY ice cream shoppes we've seen; note multi-colored

In the city meat market

Among the numerous small, free, electric shuttles; most of the old city streets
are now pedestrianized; this put elders and other residents at a disadvantage,
so the city acquired a fleet of these vehicles; bicycles are another matter, to be

In the big city daily market, sausages of a variety local beasts (including bear)

Market scene

Market square

Approaching the Dragon Bridge (there are others of note which we'll see in
the post on Josez Plecnick, the favorite son architect)

So-called because...well, the dragon is the city's emblem

Distant view of funicular not taken to castle not visited

With one of the the dragons

More river view, from the bridge; the Two Towers in the distance, on the left
the fish market and the restaurant we ate at the next day; it really is a small city

Reading room in a city park (some in English, too)

Among the sculptures all over the place

One of the nicer doggie parks we have seen

Interesting dormer treatment; glassed-in

Former public bath house, now a day-care center

Under the arches, on the river, the resto we had lunch at, Ribca

View from our table, just down from Plecnik's Triple Bridge, Preseren Square
on the other side

It's a seafood restaurant, adjoining the seafood market...

Seaman's salad

The only non-seafood item on the menu, apart from desserts

A bit of cream in there...sort of like the cream cake we'd see later, only in a jar


Statue about to be de-headed by the tree

More interesting sculpture/water feature

And dragons everywhere

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