Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ljubljana, 1

Just as Slovenia is a small country, its capital, Ljubljana, is a small city. We were there three days, well, two if you don't count the continuing Balkans monsoon, and really got attached to this place. There is ambiance, complexity, great architecture, history--a small Vienna some say--but not so much you can't get both arms around it all. I took an embarrassing number of pix and have found it difficult to edit them down. The place is lovely. So bear with me. Or skip ahead. Our Balkans campaign has been enlightening at every turn, and Ljubljana was one of the most pleasant of experiences. [Note on pronunciation: just think of the "j" as an "i" and you'll be just fjne.]. Lubliana.
Not that we're that influenced by such things, but the Ljubljana sosta was among
the best--about 2k from the centro storico, electricity, all the amenities, 1.20E
per day, including one free ride on the bus; it's on a very close-in park 'n ride;
more on that later

Big-time socialist realism: a government building in the Tito era, now the Slovenian

Tito-era office buildings...Isengard and Barad-Dur

More of such; but this isn't what you come to see nor enjoy

The parliament building

Interesting church a block away

Looking to the hill above, Ljubljana Castle; Ljubljana is sometimes compared
with Salzburg, having a river and a castle dominating it all; not so much here;
no Mozart; no Salzburg Festival

Old Main, Ljubljana U

The river, more like the Liffy than the Salzach

Alley scene

Main square church

Statue of Preseren, the national poet, presiding over Preseren
Square; note muse above

Main drag; in a following post, we'll see the amazing art nuvo all around

Preseren square, different view; rain falls incessantly in the center circle (it's
a trick fountain...stay tuned)

Slightly different view of Preseren and his Muse

Extremely helpful bronze model of city #14,439

Another church, Catholic, doors made special for the Pope's
recent visit

Pretty standard

So Austrian looking

Note curvature of street...

Gus Mahler, who did some time here before he was famous

More curvature

We were really into the curvature thing 

So is this Old World or what?

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Tawana said...

We loved Ljubljana, too! Just a lovely city.