Saturday, July 7, 2018

Caffe Tito

Out by the national historical museum is the Caffe Tito, a sort of beer garden themed around Yugoslavia's post-WWII dictator. We saw things like this, about Mao, in Beijing and in Chunking, in 2008 (maybe in was a chain?). They seemed like good clean nostalgic fun, and the Tito Cafe seemed similar. Though in the eastern bloc, Tito's Yugoslavia was no puppet of Moscow. Tito had ideas of creating a third bloc and was courted by all the world's leaders. We had a drink there and watched a bit more of the World Cup. Our visit to Sarajevo and Bosnia-Hertzegovina was over.

Kiddie playground adjoins the aging artillery display


Click to enlarge and squint and you'll see JFK and Tito

UN relief to Sarajevo during the siege included the inevitable
canned "meat," to which this monument pays "homage" 

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