Friday, June 8, 2018

Trianon Pizza, Naples, 2018

One does not visit Naples without having pizza (or espresso). Fortunately, we have our favorite pizzeria in Naples, Trianon. It is one of the two classic pizzerias in the city. The other, somewhat more famous--and whose name eludes me--serves only two varieties: 1) cheese and tomato sauce, and 2) just tomato sauce. We prefer Trianon, with its somewhat larger repertoire. It's still all about the crust, the freshness of the ingredients, the atmosphere, etc. Plus, as #2, we think they try harder. Our past visit--with few changes--is at

My napolii, anchovies swimming in the sauce, with a healthy spoonful  of olive 
oil too

Her sausage and funghi

The upstairs oven

Pizza station

Somebody else's, right out of the oven


Street scene; we walked around the city rather less than
previously; a dense and lively place, raw energy...not for
those who prefer the quiet open spaces; we had spent all
our energy at the museum; and eating pizza

A renovated Garibaldi metro station; Naples is doing what it can to be a more
attractive destination--there is now a direct shuttle from the archaeoloogical
museum to the great art museum at Capodimonte (

They're working on it...oh, I had my espresso at the metro station; even in a
metro station cafe, Naples espresso tops all others; I'm now a Kimbo fan....

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