Saturday, June 23, 2018

Malta, 18: Adieu U Nirringrazzjak, Malta!

We spent the evening reflecting on our excellent choice and our excellent visit to Malta...and packing, and looking out off the balconies...
World speed boat racing...

A confirmation processional at the interesting church over there...wait, Vicki
says confirmation is maybe Methodist, so this is probably first communion;
or somesuch; anyway, they had a noisy parade around the block

Nightfall on Balutta Bay

They (who?) say you should always leave something for next our case,
apart from several more megalithic sights, that would be Malta's two
Caravaggios...he did some time here, trying to become a Knight, which he
did, until getting into trouble again; and he left his largest painting here, his
Decollation of St. John...signing his own name in the puddle of the Baptist's

Also a St. Jerome; we missed these because we failed to read the cathedral's
hours...who would'a thunk a famous cathedral with major art in a destination
city would have closed on Saturday at noon and remained closed until Monday?!
Oh well, the world probably does not need another comment from me on Mr.
Fruity Butt Pants' framing issues (which are again apparent with the St. John)

As with The Maltese Falcon, I spent considerable time
looking for the local delicacy...and found it finally as we
passed through the duty-free stores at the airport Monday

Enjoying a last few minutes of luxury at the airport lounge, Vicki demonstrates
triclinium dining for our grand-daughter; meanwhile I am enjoying a last few's been a great holiday!

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