Saturday, April 2, 2011

Capodimonte 1

Capodimonte is another palace of the Bourbon Kings of Naples, much great art and architecture, on the outskirts of Naples. Another pleasant ride on the Circumvesuviana, a less pleasant bus-ride (poor signage), but we made it and had another day of Art History 101 in person.
A huge building

From the Capodimonte Gardens, looking across a bit of
Naples to Vesuvius

Masaccio's Crucifixion, 1426

Giovanni Bellini's Circumcision, 1500; the Capodimonte had
several circumcisions, notably, but I'll spare you the others

Lorenzo Lotto's, Madonna and Bambino and St. Peter,
Martyr; note the clever foreshadowing of St. Peter's

A very, very early El Greco, Soflon

Coreggio's St. Anthony, early 16th

Lanfranco's Assumption, 1605

Guido Reni's Le quattro stagione

Moving right along, a Claude Lorrain, 1669

And stepping back, Simone Martini, St.
Ludovic of Toulouse, 1317

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