Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weta Cave, 2018

We drove across old friend Wellington to the Miramar peninsula, where our campground was, a block or so from the Weta Cave, which we'd visited in 2009 and 2014. The campground was a flat spot astride Brendan's driveway, electricity provided, for 15U$. Brendan himself was nice enough and accommodating; he's part of a scheme that rents residential camping space to fellow RVers, an interesting plan we might conceivably use again, especially in the big cities (!). Anyhow, after settling in, we decided to take the bus into town for the opening of the biennial New Zealand Festival (next post). The Weta Cave was on the way.
"Please do not climb on the trolls"

Bert, Tom and William are still guarding the place, if in different
positions; compare with my 2014 post, and you will see that they
are now partially clothed; something about a US tourist posting
photos of troll genitalia...

Theoden King's armor; the place is still part-
museum and part-retail store

Gollum is still there; they keep moving things
around, placing ever greater emphasis on their
more recent achievements; alas, our interest is
strictly old-time LOTR

Rather more of the store now is figurines and other purchaseables;
and not cheap, either

Gandalf-style hats for sale

Also still there

Bilbo's wearable feet

Mouth of Sauron

So, much later in the evening we are returning from town,
walking past the Cave in utter darkness, and I see Bert,
lurching there menacingly by the sidewalk...I wonder how
many drunks have fled in terror at such a sight..

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Rebecca said...

Ooooh. That Gandalf hat! Might have to start saving up my pennies!