Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Waka...Haka...New Zealand Festival, 2018

A waka is a Maori sea-going vessel of yore. A haka is the traditional Maori greeting/challenge. Perhaps the most famous haka is the All Blacks' numerous instances preceding their rugby matches. Our favorite was by a New Zealand military band at the Edinburgh Tattoo some years ago. Anyhow, the biennial New Zealand Festival was set to kick-off, so to speak, as several waka arrived in Wellington harbor, outside Te Papa, the national museum. They were to be welcomed by a thousand-voice haka. We'd arrived just in time...
But first, dinner at a favorite northern Thai restaurant

There were some thousands there for the ceremony, and the
best we could do, mostly, was in font of a big screen

Main guy

I think this may have been the waka we saw from the ferry that
afternoon...anyhow, there were seven waka hourua, double-
hulled vessels that were completing a months-long voyage from
Samoa, the Cook Islands, etc; a reminder that these folks'
navigational exploits, centuries ago, made the Vikings and
Portuguese, and Columbus, look like veritable pikers

Main gal

Part of the throng, and harbor-side Welly

Coverage by drone; interestingly, NZ drone laws are extremely
fussy (must have explicit  permission from land-owners,
individuals over-flown)

A huge traditional canoe arrives

More throng and a bit of Te Papa

More arrivals

A bit of Wellington harbor as the sun sets

The haka

Other main gal; the whole thing scored, scripted, choreographed,

And we were there, understanding little, but enjoying the pageantry
and the moment


Rachel S said...

This looks super cool and like a really good time!

Tawana said...

Y'all just had too much fun.