Friday, February 9, 2018

To Glenorchy And The Routeburn, 2018

We wanted to do a day-hike on the Routeburn Track, to the Flats Hut, something we'd done before, twice, maybe thrice, and so drove on from Kington, through Queenstown, and up the lake (Wakipitu) to Glenorchy and beyond. Another beautiful drive.

NZ's second largest tourist population is Chinese; don't know
what the largest is

Vicinity of Isengard

In 2014 and before, Glenorchy was a sleepy little lakeside
hamlet--pastoral squalor--with one of the more sub-standard
campgrounds we visited in those years; all this has changed;
Glenorchy has been discovered; the campground is quickly
becoming a glampground, with upscale cottages...

The campground store--just milk, beer, bait, canned goods, not so
long ago--is now a fairly upscale boutique, gourmet foods (so
to speak), etc.

And some really nice clothing, trinkets, other stuff

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