Monday, February 26, 2018

Quaint, Curious, Quirky, Kooky, Questionable, Kiwi, 1

Nice touch: herb garden for campers, at the Lakeview campground
in Queenstown

Shopping center in Frankton, apparently not aware who their
clients are

Everything on the South Island is about lifestyle

We are still Ringwaifs, but now only going for
big or new stuff

Pizza and pancakes: no wonder church attendance
in declining

In towns all across South Island

A McDonald's "Kiwi Burger": sesame seed bun, of course, but...
cheese, burger, lettuce/tomato, fried egg, sliced beet, mayonnaise...
I can't say it was actually good

Illegal camping has become quite an issue here, and I can't say
this T-shirt was amusing

In Te Anau, through which 400,000 Chinese tour

Kiwi humor

Century eggs at a Nelson Asian store...not fast food

Sometime dream car...the garage owner gave me a bit of a tour

At an insect exhibition at the Nelson Museum


NZ gave up small change years ago, but the
explanation remains for ignorant foreigners;
note the advantage for businesses...

Cruciform doughnuts...hopefully the filling is
red berry (for the Passion)

In nearly every public toilet...advice for visitng friends

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