Tuesday, February 13, 2018

North Of Kaikoura

The road north of Kaikoura, toward Blenheim and Picton, was one of the South Island's most picturesque...great seascapes, colonies of fur seals, pups frolicking in pools.... Now it is mostly a many-miles-long construction site, with very few places to stop and look. And many circulation alternees, as our French friends would say. And open only during daylight hours as we passed through. There were scores of landslides in the hills/mountains above the road, and cleaning up the millions of tons of rubble, re-engineering and reconstructing, has taken many months. Work continues, but the vital link with the ferry at Picton (and tourists) is open again.

Another innovative use of containers...

Sea-bed rise

New beaches, new lagoons

Old debris

A changed landscape and seascape

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Tawana said...

Damage due to the cyclone?