Friday, February 9, 2018

Lewis Pass

At Punakaiki we decided to leave the rain-sodden, bug-infested west coast and head across the island on the Lewis Pass, eventually to Kaikoura, which we much enjoyed in 2014.
Stopped for lunch at the Slab Hut Creek campground and fossicking

Board walk to bathroom

In case you don't know what fossicking is--we didn't--and we
didn't do any since I left our pan in storage in Montana

The Creek; note the little channel to the right

In Reefton, a bubble-blowing machine in one of the residences
on main street, to amuse visitors


Many interesting shoppes, especially collectibles

Royal Doulton Shakespearian dishes

Child's (toy) chain saw

In another shoppe, with hundreds of dolls (but no Sweetie Pie)
Quite a few Chuckies

The Fairlie Engine, 1878; articulated to navigate severe curves
in the mountains

Big-time mining town, once

Interesting little town

The Lewis Pass is said to be less dramatic than the Arthur Pass;
well, we didn't find the Arthur Pass very dramatic, and the Lewis
Pass had its moments

Another east-bound outwash plain, heading toward the coast;
we're still looking for the Clark Pass; we spent the night at a
designated Freedom Camp in Rotheram

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Tawana said...

Interesting town. A coffin store? I think I liked the tearoom and bakery better.