Monday, February 19, 2018

Whaririki Beach, 2018

With some time on our hands before the ferry to Wellington and the North Island, we decided to return to the Cape Farewell area, on the far north side of the South Island, to the beach at Whaririki, redo a few short hikes we had enjoyed in 2014, maybe a bit of the far Abel Tasman, and perhaps even undertake a serious explore back down the west coast.
To get to Cape Farewell from Motueka you have to cross the
nearly 3000 ft of Takaka Hill, known as one of NZ's top ten scenic
roads, also listed on the "dangerous roads" website; 3000 feet is not
very high, unless you're driving from sea level; it's a very demanding
30 or so km of high angle and hair pin turns; two lanes with the
occasional passing bay; anyhow, at the top are these interesting
karst limestone formations, which fairly cover the broad summit
(also some large sinkholes); and the Hawke summit lookout and
track, a bit of which we walked

From the lookout

Looking toward Motueka and Nelson, across the bay


At the Whaririki beach car park, one of the hungrier peacocks
I've encountered

Environs heading toward the beach; mostly dunes beneath, I think

Vicki in a sort of dune-ish holloway

On the beach, high tide beginning to roll in, so we didn't have
quite the walk we did in 2014

Only one tired seal pup on view

Tidal pool

Conglomerate rock; you'd think it would all have washed away
by now

Tide coming in, fast and furious

War lodge; or so we'd call it in Montana

Sea caves

Walking back to the camper

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Tawana said...

Peacocks and seal interesting combination.