Monday, February 26, 2018

Across Cook Strait, 2

Approaching North Island

In 3 meter swells, I would not want to be doing this

Ride 'em, cowboy (so to speak)

Entering Wellington harbor

Remember this..a Maori waka...we'll see later in the evening

OK, so we have been summoned to our vehicles for debarkment

We are comfortably right behind an NZ army
armored car

Problem is, however, the door is stuck; really stuck; like stuck
for an hour

After some time and effort on the part of the InterIslander crew,
I amble on down to the armored car and suggest perhaps they
could use their anti-tank gun to blow the door open; the officer
in charge laughingly remarks I am the 6th person to suggest this

At last the crew springs the door

And we are off across Welly to our campsite in Miramar, a block
from the WETA Cave

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