Monday, February 26, 2018

Across Cook Strait, 1

On February 23rd, InterIslander ferried us across Cook Strait, a largely uneventful voyage, despite 3m swells, a bit beyond my comfort level for a 6k ton vessel, but OK, until the interestingly eventful landing and debarkment in Wellington (next post).
All my life I have been waiting for this

At an NZ camping association campground...

Tow-car of my sometime dreams

A BlueRidge ferry departs (much smaller boats)

Among the early boarders, we found excellent seats

Sounds scene

Our vessel; London registry?!

Picton harbor

Largest lens ever, so far



Small fry

On to the open sea

And the arrival of the scones trolley

Into the Strait

Ferry traffic

South Island coast

And big mountains

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Rebecca said...

Scones trolley! Love it!