Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Abel Tasman, 2018, 2

We spent the 2nd night of the trek at the Bark Bay Hut, then walked on to Awaroa Lodge and our water taxi pick-up there that afternoon. We had already ascertained that the tides were such that we could not go beyond the Awaroa Hut, cross Awaroa Bay, and catch the taxi the next day at Totaranui. Thus, in view of the bed bug issues, it was a (mercifully) short tramp on the Abel Tasman this year.
The bed bug outbreak was so distracting that I couldn't sleep at
Bark Bayand spent most of the night reading; at least I was able
to see and record the sunrise from the hut


Departing Bark Bay Hut

More typical Abel Tasman scenes

We arrived at Awaroa Lodge considerably earlier than we
expected, so early that we dropped our packs and had a leisurely
lunch with Kiwi acquaintances from the trail

Best pizza we've had outside of Italy; or so it seemed, after two
nights of backapacka slop and other miseries; no one told us the
Awaroa wharf had been washed away and it would take another
half hour to reach the beach for the last boat of the day...

But we made it...just...and were happy to end this little trek

On the water taxi en route to Marahau...the dark spots in the
water are sting rays

Golden beaches; wish we could have enjoyed them more

At Marahau, they use tractors and boat trailers to launch and
recover the taxis; watching the tides very carefully, of course

A fairly big business


Tawana said...

Beautiful photos in spite of the bed bugs!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Though I think you're right about the day hikes...