Friday, February 24, 2017

Santiago Scenes, 2

More scenes from Chile's capital city, mostly in or toward the Plaza de Armas...

Palm trees all over

A fortune teller tries to interest a construction worker

Pony rides

Better pony rides

Nice Carabineros

Massive sculpture in the Plaza

Street food vendors everywhere

Chess in the shade

The Elvis impersonator calls it a day

But not without offering a little chess advice

Interesting buildings here and there

Sort of Art Nuvo

Filming for a soap or a movie or whatever

Motels in Chile rent by the hour...


Tawana said...

We were wondering where you were now. Looks like you are enjoying Santiago.

Mark said...

I'm behind on the blog. We're in Valparaiso, headed tomorrow to Lima. Don't know how internet will be in more remote parts of Peru after Lima. I may be behind on the blog for some time! Hope things are well with you all. No grand-parenting news?

Mark said...

Oh, and I met a young woman from Augusta, AR earlier this week. Is anybody left back in Arkansas?!