Friday, February 24, 2017

Santiago Scenes, 1

So after the usual delay, Sky airlines whisked us comfortably from Puerto Natales to Santiago, Chiles's capital, (population 6 million), where spent the next five days...resting and regrouping, walking around, seeing a few sights. Our small hotel overlooked the Cerro Santa Lucia park, right at the intersection of the Belles Artes, Lastarria, and Bellavista barrios. The Plaza de Armas was a ten minute walk away. Great location.
View from our 5th floor room

Cerro Santa Lucia Park

Fountain at the entrance to the park

Neptune hitting on a nymph, or maybe vice versa

A block away, oldest fire engine in Spouth America, manufactured
in 1864 in Portland, OR; restored recently and fully operational

Kiddie bike rental in the massive Forestal Park, which runs by
the Rio Mapocho for seeming miles

Jade plant landscaping the the park

Lapis lazuli is the favored gem here, and in shops in Bellavista
and elsewhere we saw quite a bit

In an outdoor crafts market in Bellavista


Rio Mapocho; concrete basin, sort of like in

Love-locked bridge

Big buildings all over

Sometimes interesting

Monuments and sculpture everywhere, mostly commemorating
political figures, military achievements

Thus; wait, no, that's Robert E. Lee and Traveler, during their
banishment to South America

A gift from Napoleon

Mackenna and O'Higgins...where are we?

The most famous statue is of course Our Lady on Cerro San

Our Lady of the Airwaves

On Avenida Providencia; to the left is the Torre del Santiago,
tallest building in South America, of which more later

The not far distant Andes presiding over all; also subject of a
later post

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