Friday, February 24, 2017

Santiago Food: The Good

One evening we walked over to Bellavista and a nice restaurant,

And had perhaps our most decadent meal yet;
here the remaining grilled provolone so beloved
in Argentina and Chile

My Arrullado Huasco...pork loin baked in a huge roll of pork 
fat; two full-grown potatoes that I didn't even touch

Her enormous steak au poivre

Enough frites for a family; it's the portion-sizes
that are decadent

The art work all around was great

Another day we went to the Central Mercado, which is these
days pretty much seafood market and restaurants

Still life

19th century market building 

Several restaurants

We opted for a little hole-in-the wall place

Where I had the best ceviche ever, a whole meal, mixed fish
and shellfish; not pictured: Vicki's frites; the menu advertised
both chicken and beef dishes, but the waiter said they really
don't do anything but seafood...

We also ate at the Tony Roma's at the Costenara Center another day, but didn't take any pix...except of the whole floor of the shopping center that was a food court.

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